Being a Waiter/Waitress is fun, I swear!

Before my current job as a waitress I hadn’t really got much experience within the job role, I had done a lot of retail and done waiting and bar staff in a small pub but nothing to speak much of. I took the job to assist me with my uni course on a part time basis. Let me just tell you now, I am extremely glad that I did.

Being part of a team that relies on each other heavily is fun. You get to know each person very well and you become good friends who can have a good laugh, prank and take the piss out of. They’re your team mates and if it wasn’t for them you’d be fudged. I have made good friends from my work, we go out for nights out and share brilliant times together. These people help your job become hell of a lot easier. By setting up a table for the next group of people when they can see you’re busy or taking a payment for you while you’re serving another customer. These people have got your back.

It is an extremely sociable job, if you’re feeling lonely you haven’t just got your team mates to chat to but customers to talk to also. If I feel a bit down or stressed out it is nice to get out of the house and speak to people even if it is just about what they are doing that day or how I like their t-shirt. You learn brilliant communication skills as a waiter that you can use for the rest of your life in a variety of job roles. It helps you to adapt, especially the fast-paced, busy times. You experience times that are incredibly demanding and you have 10 jobs to do in 15 seconds with 3 different people trying to get your attention. Those times help you to learn how to multitask, not panic and prioritise things.

Why pay for a gym when you’re on your feet for 8 hours at a time? There is nothing like carrying heavy trays of food and drinks, rushing around most of the day. Sure, your feet get sore, your back feels crippled and your legs ache like hell but after a good nights sleep you’re all back to normal. Being a waiter is great for fitness. The gym on top of that is a good idea but some days you can walk 6 maybe 7 miles.

The free food and drink is a wonderful bonus. Obviously it differs from restaurant to restaurant but most offer you a meal for every shift you do. My work offers me unlimited free coffee, I also get a free meal and 50% off food when I’m not working so if I come in with a group of up to 4 friends we get a lovely meal at half the cost. Not too shabby at all. This is just one of the perks.

Tips. Tips are brilliant and can add so many extra hours worth of work onto your wages which you haven’t done but have worked very hard for! Even when a customer leaves a pound for you, it is a nice gesture and it all adds up. It means that I can treat myself to things I wouldn’t normally. Or I can get nicer presents for my family/friends. Waiters appreciate the money and although it may not seem much to you but as I mentioned before, it adds up.

Being a waitress can be stressful however, which job isn’t? It has so many perks and can improve your skills drastically. There are differences depending on which company you work for but I highly recommend it and think if you haven’t already, give it a go.


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